Heavy Roasted Oolong
Heavy Roasted Oolong

Heavy Roasted Oolong

$ 9.99

weight: 1.8 oz / 18 pyramid sachets
origin:  Nantou, Taiwan
altitude: 600m

volume:  8 ounces
H2O temp:  190 to 195F
steeping time:  1 to 2 minutes

The 40% oxidation and traditional dark roasting results in a highly wound, uniform tea that is dense, sage green in color, and with what appears to be a light glazing of frost. When brewed, the taste begins with a soft astringency then grows sweet very quickly. After drinking, the whole tongue is rich with the fragrance of orchids. The aftertaste is delightful with a lingering sweetness from the traditionally longer roasting process. Though full-body in the initial brews, the tea becomes increasingly smooth as it develops and is actually great for the stomach.