Tea from Yunnan, the South of Cloud

We landed in Yunnan, the 'South of Cloud,' a holy place filled with spirits and gifts from nature, ending our long journey of searching the new line of TIENXI black tea, with glory. Yunnan Black was first made in the late thirties of last century. With the war affecting tea production in major plantations in other areas of China, Yunnan became an excellent choice for continuing tea production. It turned out that this choice was a huge success due to the unmatchable quality of the tea of Yunnan Large Leaf specie. Yunnan Black did not disappoint. It quickly became a precious good sought after by many in the West. Various names have been proposed for this new black tea. “Yun Hong” (“Yun”, also means cloud, refers to Yunnan) and “Dian Hong” (“Dian” refers to an ancient and more poetic word for Yunnan) were among the top choices. A main characteristic to categorize Yunnan Black is the amount of fine leaf buds, or "golden tips", present in the dried tea. The golden tips produce a brew that is brassy golden orange in color, with a sweet, lovable aroma and deep and long-lasting after taste, and no astringency. A cup of Yunnan Black is something that no one can forget once tasted. Yunnan has the best tea plants. Yunnan Black is one of the best black tea in the world as proved by many tea connoisseurs.